Very Inspirational Blogger Award //

The lovely Cortney Bre has nominated me for my very first blogger award, ‘Very Inspiring Blogger’ ! Although this is just for fun, it makes my heart so thrilled! Not only because people are reading my blog, but more importantly, they are getting something out of it. My only desire is to be able to encourage and inspire all of you!


The rules for this nomination include:

1. A big thank you to the blogger who nominated you (Thanks again, Cortney!)

2. Sharing 7 facts about yourself

3. Nominate 15 of your fellow bloggers to share the love with


Alrighty…let’s get this party started!


1. I have lead worship for about 8 years and wrote my first song when I was only 11. I actually recorded that song in a studio with my best friend who played the piano at age 13.

2. Although I have not really danced much the last few years, I was a dancer and a choreographer my entire life. Hip hop, ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, you name it! My favorite dance style to this day is lyrical, that is where I am truly in the zone and connect most with the music. Also, I was in the Superbowl half time show back in 2009!

3. My hair has been many colors. These include red, pink and black. Yep.

4. I was born in Naples, Italy. My father was in the US Air Force and was stationed there. This is especially neat because my family is actually Italian.

5. Of course following my husband, my mother is my absolute best friend. She is the greatest role model, the best listener and advice giver. I have no idea where I would be without her in my life and I am extremely blessed to be her daughter. I wish every girl and her mother could share the bond that we do. I hope to someday be as wonderful of a mother as she is.

6. I am a car enthusiast. I love to look at cars, learn about them and admittedly…race them! I am so crazy, I know. But there is nothing quite like the rush of adrenaline you get when you’re racing! (Like racing that 7 series BMW earlier…cough cough)

7. Some places I would love to travel to include Norway, Maine, Alaska, Iceland, Ireland, France and Italy (again).


It was tough to choose only 15 bloggers, but these were at the top of my list. Check them out!


The Girl With The Red Bag

Positively Depressed

Emily Ann Moschner

Snippets With Alex

To The Nines

Cara’s Cliché


Scully Speaks

A Pretty Penny

The Pink Wings

The Quintessentials Blog

Karissa Marie

Cara Loren

Barefoot Blonde

Pink Pistachio

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9 thoughts on “Very Inspirational Blogger Award //

  1. Pink Wings says:

    Thanks for the nomination!
    Love this~~ goodness I would adore being stationed in Italy…unfortunately my hubby flies C-17s which makes that very unlikely 😦 This is so fun, I loved learning more about you!

    • alyssalauren says:

      My parents were stationed all over the world and they said that Italy was definitely one of their favorites! I would love to take my husband there to visit soon. Glad you enjoyed this post! xx

  2. tothenines9 says:

    Absolutely love this! Thank you so much for the nomination love. Can’t wait to learn more about all the fellow bloggers out there 🙂 I’ll start working on my post now!

  3. tothenines9 says:

    Absolutely love this idea! Thanks so much for the nomination love. I can’t wait to learn more about the fellow bloggers 🙂 I’ll start working on my post right now!

  4. carascliche says:

    Thank you so much! You are too sweet. Will get this post up soon!

    xx Cara

  5. Cortneybre says:

    I was so happy to nominate you! I love your blog and its too cool to find out more about you! 🙂 xoxo…cortneybre…

  6. allisonplanier says:

    You’re the coolest gal I know; so many gifts and passions wrapped up into one little body! Thanks again for the nomination and for sharing your fun facts. 🙂

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