Baby Steps //

Hello there, Strangers! I’m back! I apologize for such a delay in my posts, as I have been recovering from being ill for the last few weeks. I’ll admit, I was getting quite depressed after a while. I had planned on starting some classes the first week of this month, but wasn’t able to. I spent much time at home alone resting and was hardly able to do anything on my own and it just became disheartening.

I used this resting time as also a time of reflection. I prayed about my goals, dreams and passions. However, at one point, I allowed doubt and fear to creep in and convince me that I wasn’t good enough to do the things I know that I am called to and that I missed my opportunity since I wasn’t able to start my classes immediately. How silly is that?! When I finally snapped out of that funk I was in, I came back with my dream kicking inside of me more than ever before and ready to be delivered into this world.

A l w a y s  remember that you are beyond capable of achieving the dreams that God has placed inside of you. You ARE good enough. In fact, you’re the best person for the job because YOU’RE the one that The Lord has chosen to live out YOUR calling. Even if things aren’t going the way we had originally planned, there’s always a reason for that and it’s all a part of our unique and beautiful journey.

Rather than sulking over the fact that being sick messed up the plans I had made, I am thankful for the opportunity to have more time to learn and grow. I always love to soak up as much knowledge as possible and be one step ahead of the game, so I am using these next few weeks to do some studying before my classes begin. During this time, I find that I am learning more about myself as an individual. The reading material has been very encouraging to me and has reignited some passions that have become dull over time.

I just wanted to be of some encouragement to those of you who may be dealing with a similar situation. When something doesn’t go as you had planned, don’t lose heart! Remember that there are far greater things in store than you realize and that the end result is going to be so rewarding.

We are a ‘now’ generation. We have become some accustomed to getting instant results at the touch of a button. Sometimes we expect life to be the same way. We hurry into things, expecting to get the results we want and as soon as we want them. That’s not how it really works, especially when we are wanting to be in the Lord’s will. As long as we are taking baby steps in the direction of where God wants us to be, we are successful, because a little bit of progress is better than no progress at all. Regardless of where you are at, learn to embrace the season that you’re in, because it has been appointed by One who holds the universe.




5 thoughts on “Baby Steps //

  1. allisonplanier says:

    So happy you’re feeling healthy again and are back at blogging! Thank you for your words of encouragement; they certainly struck a chord. I’m excited to see just what He has in store for me, and for you as well! Much love. xx

  2. alexnguyen says:

    I’m glad you’re feeling better! And thank you for the encouragement! I definitely needed to hear that last paragraph.
    -Alex of

  3. Amanda wills says:

    I cannot wait to see what God does with you. You seriously are something special and will do amazing things beyond what you are used for already. I am so glad I clicked your post today. I’ve struggled with the thought that I cannot reach my dream. I know my abilities, but others still make me feel incompetent, as well as allowing the enemy to have his say. Sometimes it’s just a little reminding that I need to get back on track. Thanks so much for your words and of course your natural
    Encourage. 🙂

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