It’s A Heart Problem //

I have come to the conclusion that I am done. I give up; I just can’t do this anymore.

I am so tired of trying to earn grace. I know that grace can’t be earned, and yet I find myself trying to work for it. I focus too much on trying to make myself look neat and holy, rather than the One whom actually matters. There is a spirit of religion trying to disguise itself in Christianity and we seem to not always recognize it when it comes to our own lives. We walk around with this self-righteous mind set and call ourselves Christians. We point fingers at others and judge the lives that they live, when in reality, we aren’t even right ourselves. The world can decipher the difference between hypocrisy and a genuine love for The Lord and for others.

I have allowed myself to be constantly let down because I always screw up. No matter how hard I try, I always find a way to make a mess of things. That’s because I try and do it all on my own.

We are called to be like Jesus. And to be honest, that’s all I really want. I don’t want people to look at me and see me, the messy girl who is always slipping up and then hypocritically pointing the finger at others. I want them to see Jesus instead. I want them to see a girl that occasionally slips up and isn’t afraid to admit it, brushes herself off and moves on. A girl that loves on others with a love like Jesus.

I have a desire to lead others to Christ not just with my words, but with my actions. I want everyone to know that no matter how far you have strayed, how unworthy you feel or how big of a hole you’ve dug for yourself…it’s never too late. You don’t have to do anything to work for God’s grace and mercy, He has already given it unto us freely.

So how do we live like this, you ask?

First, we must get down to the heart of the problem and realize it’s a problem of the heart. We need to make our first priority to fall in love with our Creator more than ever before. When you genuinely love someone, you desire to spend as much time with them as possible and to do whatever you can to make sure that it happens. You long to know more about them. The more we make it a priority to spend time with the Lord, the more we will begin to see a real change in ourselves. You simply cannot go against the Holy Spirit when you are continuously and consciously walking in Him. It will be even less of an effort to try and act holy, as it will come more naturally.

Secondly, we need to stop judging. Really. I am so tired of hearing others tear down fellow believers and then try and justify their actions. There is a huge difference between correction in love and tearing down another person. Our words are so powerful and death and life are in the power of the tongue (Proverbs 18:21). I understand fully that we are all human and that we won’t always like one another and agree with each other’s way of living, but we need to stop using that as an excuse. We are called be set apart, not of this world (John 15:19). Jesus loved unconditionally, which is what drew people to Him. We are doing such a disservice to His name when we speak negatively toward others.

We must work on ourselves and renew our minds daily, rather than try and fix everyone else. If you desire to become more like Jesus, make Him your main focus. We are all growing and constantly learning, but the only way to actually do so is by surrendering every bit of ourselves to Jesus Christ.

This year, I am committing myself to getting to know God more intimately than ever and erasing negativity and judgement toward others from my life. Join me in making a genuine change in our lives and in this world. Let’s show everyone what God’s love is really all about!


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4 thoughts on “It’s A Heart Problem //

  1. Gram says:

    You are growing grasshopper !
    I Love You, and you will become more like Jesus, because you seek too…❤😘 when you draw close to him

    He will draw close to you, Thank You for Sharing that Love

  2. pamdonaldson says:

    Amen. I encourage you to in your journey. I am still in the process of coming out of the mentality of earning grace and being overly judgmental. Isn’t it funny how these two things are often found together, legalism/”spirit of religion and being judgmental. I will pray that you gain the closeness with God the Father that you desire. Blessings!

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