Merry Christmas //

Christmas time is such an interesting time of year. There is a wide range of emotions that different people are experiencing. For some it is cheerful and for others, it is actually quite depressing. I understand that we all get a little busy and stressed out over the holiday preparations, but we still need to be considerate of others.

It seems that each year we become more bitter and callus during this season. Suddenly, Christmas becomes more of a hassle and less merry and bright. Unfortunately, I have come into contact with more greedy people this year than ever before. It not only frustrates me, but breaks my heart. I do realize that a portion of those people are hurting due to the loss of a loved one or perhaps a broken relationship, etc. But I’ve also seen just pure belligerent greed. Some people feel so entitled to what they want when they want it, and no one will get in their way or stop them.

Take into account how others around you may be feeling these next couple of days. The reason for this season is Jesus, and He is all about love. Go out of your way to love on others, even if they show you the opposite. Be a light- be compassionate and understanding and  s m i l e  at everyone! Smiling is contagious! You just may give someone a new sense of hope and peace.

If you’re the one just trying to get by this year and suffering from heartache; try to focus on the positive. Remind yourself of what Christmas is all about. None of us are perfect and we all experience some kind of hurt at one point or another. The good news is that God knows that. He knows that we can’t carry all of these burdens on our own, which is the very reason He sent His Son to this earth; so that we may cast all of our cares and worries on Him. We can put all of our hope, faith and trust in Him, and we have freedom when we do so. Know that you are loved unconditionally by our very Creator!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and experience lots of love, joy and peace this holiday season!


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