Be Still //

huntingtonRight now, I am sitting on Huntington Pier, sipping my caramel macchiato and reflecting on life. I have long awaited this very moment; yet for some reason, I am finding it almost difficult to enjoy. It’s baffling to me how we can rush through life and keep ourselves so busy but complain about not having time to rest or time for ourselves. Then when given the opportunity, we think of every excuse imaginable to not take advantage of that time. We become so acclimated to running around and just trying to get through life, rather than actually living it. We accept the thought that it is much too late to follow our dreams and that our reality is just a simple life of going through the motions, where everything is safe and familiar.

The Lord has really been showing me that I need to be still and rest in Him. If you know me, you know that being still is a very difficult thing for me to do. My life is so busy and I am the type of person who always has to be working on some sort of project. Lately, I have been waiting for the opportunity to rest because I have been so stressed out. And here I am, in beautiful California alone for the week and already worrying about things back at home after two days.

I am going to vow to use this precious time as I had originally planned. To rest, pray and be still and wait on the Lord. He has blessed me with this special time with Him and I need to take advantage of every bit of it.

I just wanted to encourage all of you to take a moment and breathe. Take a step back, be still and dream again. Whether you think you have the time or not, be sensitive to what the Holy Spirit has to say and show you. Don’t be too busy trying to make it through the day that you forget to live and enjoy it. Don’t forget to dream and to soak up this season of your life!


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