You Are Enough //

Do you know how truly beautiful and precious you are? I mean, all the way through, inside and out. Every single fiber of your being. It has taken me many years to realize my value and the journey was quite a wild one. But because of the transformation in my life, I am passionate about helping you recognize the beauty of who you are.

First of all, you were fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14). I understand that you’re probably thinking, ‘Okay Alyssa, couldn’t you have thought of something a little less cliche’?’ We hear this so often, most of us become numb to what the scriptures say about our worth. We don’t fully process this in our hearts and in our minds.

So what exactly does it mean to be fearfully and wonderfully made? According to the Hebrew, fearfully means ‘with reverence and respect’ and the word wonderfully means ‘unique and set apart’. You were created out of reverence to be set apart. God didn’t HAVE to create you, but He CHOSE to create you. Why would He want to do such a thing if He didn’t have a meaning for your life? We were all created with a divine plan and purpose.

You have special gifts that no one else has. Nobody else has ever or will ever possess the exact same qualities and gifts as you. The dreams that reside deep within your heart reveal who you are. We do not shape them, they shape us. The dreams that God has placed inside of us are a part of who we were created to be, they are our purpose.

We are promised a hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11). God wants for you to prosper and cares for your well being with a love so deep, that He chose to be murdered for your transgressions, so that you may be made new. (Isaiah 53:5)

It is so important for us to know the freedom that we have in Christ Jesus. We must understand how valuable we are before we can even begin to fulfill our purpose. You are beautiful. You are valued. You are loved. You are M O R E than enough.


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