Black And White //

This is my first fashion post, so I figured why not start off with my favorite colors to wear?! Black and white are definitely my go-to’s! I almost feel like I wear black too often…nah. Here are some of my faves! I absolutely adore this gaudy statement necklace from Windsor and I think these Dolce Vita heels are the comfiest pair I own! What are your favorite pair of heels?





Top: H&M |Sweater: Windsor |Jeans: Forever 21 (old) |Shoes: Dolce Vita |Necklace: Windsor |Bracelet: Jessica Simpson |Handbag: Forever 21 (old)


2 thoughts on “Black And White //

  1. Aubrey Novy says:

    Love it!! Post more fashion please you have the greatest outfit ideas! Hope you don’t mind me getting some ideas with your eye for fashion :o) I feel like I get comfortable with trying to “match” too much and dressing plain. Im trying to branch out more and when i see ideas like yours it helps so much!

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